App that Pays – SCANTOPIA Review

Just a few days ago one of my younger ones was playing around on my phone when I came to notice he was running around the house scanning barcodes, when I asked him what he was doing, I simply got a response “I’m playing store!” 

Later that night I opened the app only to discover that the app- SCANTOPIA is more of a small earning app then a game, they simply pay you in cash or tokens for each barcode scanned. I tried it out and received $1.00 each for the first 2 scans (a can of Redbull Sugarfree and a Lint Roller), after that many of my items gave tokens that can later be used towards a larger jackpot or sweepstakes. I’ve had no luck on the jackpots or sweeps, however today is my third day on Scantopia and I just cashed out $3.00, this includes the small $0.05-$0.25 earnings from certain items (including Pantene shampoos, etc). The only letdown from SCANTOPIA I’ve had is running out of energy from the scans, you can either wait about 30 minutes to get more or ask friends (through facebook, etc). The minimum cash-out amount is $3.00 and a PayPal account is required, however in my opinion SCANTOPIA isn’t bad for some extra pocket money. 

Cashing out is quite easy, you simply go into your account and click cash-out, once done, they’ll verify your PayPal account (by e-mail) and you can log in to your account immediately to see the amount there.

I’ve been using SCANTOPIA on an Android device, I’m not entirely sure if its available for IOS.

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